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My Condolences to all Hard Working Americans…

To explain why the financial system in the USA is in the state it is is too big a subject to deal with here. The whole financial system is made purposefully complicated the WeRMS so that the concepts are difficult for most ordinary people, too busy getting on with their lives, to take the time to even begin to understand.

Perhaps this brief summary will initiate a sense of curiosity in the in the apathetic and kindle a determination to first understand what is going on and hopefully ignite a desire to do something about it.

First just ask the question: Where does the Government get it’s money from?

Answer: From taxation, in other words from you and the company you work for.

Second, ask the question: Where do the banks get their money from?

Answer: From several sources, but not limited to:

  1. Borrowings from private depositors.
  2. Interest from lending the money received from private investors back to the public.
  3. Interest from lending 10 times more money than they have in reserve to the public and businesses (money that doesn't actually exist). (< Don't take my word for it, Google Fractional Reserve Banking).
  4. Interest from lending money that is in their possession for a few days while being supposedly transferred between banks or between accounts.
  5. Money from investors (Banks that issue stocks).
  6. Interest from lending money to the Government.
  7. Bank charges.

Now, it's generally agreed that the 2008 financial crisis in the USA (and the rest of the world), has been caused by the financial institutions, which includes of course the banks. It seems that the US Government has decided to bail out the US banks to the tune of $700,000,000,000, that's a whacking Seven Hundred Thousand Millions of dollars!
(Circa October 2008)

Since the US Government owes the US banks and other financial institutions around the world a colossal
$8,140,000,000,000 and pays the banks annually the princely sum of
$350,000,000,000 in interest. So where did the US Government get the
$700,000,000,000 from to 'bail out' the banks?
(Source of debt/interest stats:

Where is the US Government going to get to money from?

Did the US Government borrow the money from the banks so that they could give it back to them? (Thus increasing their debt to the banks).

Are the banks going to write off 2 years interest payments in lieu of the bail-out gift?

No the beleaguered taxpayer will pay the bill, taxpayers for generations to come, after all the Government is the people.

The whole of the US banking and financial institution systems and the rest of the worlds financial institutions for that matter, stink, it's a corrupt system long overdue a complete overhaul.

The chances of it happening anytime soon? probably ZERO.

Why? Because the banks have established such a strong a hold over the major Governments of the world that the point of no return was passed some time ago. No Government in the world, even the US Government is powerful enough to get elected on a ticket of banking reform. The late John F Kennedy while President initiated a return to the gold and silver standard for the US currency, he even issued Trillions in gold backed notes (a move definitely not in the banking fraternity's best interests), and where did that get him? The gold backed currency was withdrawn within weeks of his assassination.


Over centuries the banks have in easy, almost unnoticeable stages, established a worldwide credit society making it necessary for individuals and companies, the only creators of real wealth, to have to borrow money in order to subsist. Those unfortunate Americans who fell below subsistence level in 2008 because of the mismanagement and greed of the Wealth Reaping/Manipulation Sector (WeRMS), have lost their homes, their dignity and possibly their livelihoods.

There is not one bank, financial institution or insurance company anywhere in the world that has ever created a single dollar in real wealth. So where did they get all their vast cash mountains from?

Seventy five percent of all stocks traded are by the financial intuitions are for themselves, not on behalf of the so called 'small investors'. They have become rich beyond even their wildest dreams, and the pathetic thing no one seems to care.


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