Blog 22


Just What's Going On?
(In the financial services sector)

This is not so far from the truth...

  • Over 99% of people employed in the financial services sector don’t know how morally corrupt the system they work in is.
  • Over 99% of politicians don’t understand the underlying socially corrupt mechanisms employed in the financial services sector.
  • Over 99% of economists have been trained using criteria that accepts the current financial model as being ‘normal’.
  • Over 99% of engineers, scientists and other professionally qualified people don’t have the time to devote to trying to understand the complexities of the financial services sector.
  • Over 99% of ordinary people are just too busy working to pay back their bank induced debts to have time to even wonder why they can never quite make ends meet.
  • Over 99% of those employed in the financial services sector who do understand the system have no vested interest in making the current financial system understandable.

Perhaps the very violent kick society has has received in its collective stomach from the financial services sector will now make more people question just what these fraudsters are doing.



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