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You Have to Laugh
There's bugger all else you can do

Stardate: 2009 February
The Royal Bank of Scotland has posted the largest annual loss in UK history, and it will receive a further $28 billion of UK taxpayers' cash.
RBS was once one of the top five banks in the world.
Now it has announced losses of $54 billion.

Let's talk about chocolate, something we can all relate to... 

Steal a chocolate bar and you will end up in court, get fined and collect a criminal record.

Steal £54 billion sterling and you will have to say 'sorry' to Parliament, resign and live for the rest of your life on a paltry [sic] pension. (Paltry relative to the enormity of the fraud).

£54 billion sterling is the equivalent of £1,080 pounds from every man, woman and child in the UK.

£54 billion sterling would buy 216,000,000,000 chocolate bars.

Now that's a lot of chocolate!

In fact, laid end to end the trail of chocolate bars would stretch almost 14 million miles, that's 547 times around the earth, or 30 trips to the Moon and back.

It really is time to put things into perspective and deal with the social criminals in the financial services sector that have and continue to create such misery, not forgetting of course the politicians who allow them to do it.

What’s more frightening is that the theft of £54 billion is just the tip of an iceberg.

Fractional Reserve Banking is not currently a crime, though many believe it is a crime against society and should be recognized as the heinous crime it is. What is it? GO HERE

2013 UPDATE - No Billionaires

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