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A Note for the Unemployed

An unemployed wealth creator is a tragic temporary loss for any community, an unemployed social parasite is not. When we talk about rising unemployment in society we must also consider the job in which the unemployed person was engaged, otherwise the statistics are meaningless.

It's a sad fact that many people employed [or now unemployed] in the financial services sector do not fully appreciate that their very existence is a blight on society. They think that because they get up in the morning and put in a full days work that they've been gainfully employed. Well I suppose you could say that is the case, except that it's only them and the financial services company for whom they work that have gained. Society as a whole gains absolutely nothing, zero, in fact in an overall sense those employed in the wealth creation sector will have made a loss.

Now all this would not matter so much if the numbers involved represented only a small proportion of the whole. Unfortunately this is not the case, the numbers of people migrating to the financial services sector has over recent years risen to such a level that a significant proportion of the population of most western countries are now wholly supported by a dwindling population of wealth creators.

Sure, mechanization, industrialization and robotics in manufacturing industries have to a certain extent mitigated the negative effect, [machines incidentally invented, designed, made, advertised, marketed, sold and serviced exclusively by the wealth creationists], nevertheless the recent financial crisis [2008-9] caused by the avarice of the financial services sector has once again tipped the fine balance creating an untenable, worrying situation where wealth creators are now being restricted from and in some cases denied the opportunity to create wealth. This is the real disaster.

Virtually all the money 'in play' in the financial services sector has in one way or another been stripped from the wealth creators. The profits and losses reported by the 'players' in the financial services sector are merely occasional audits at moments in time in the continual movement of money between winners and losers, losers and winners. Of course the money swilling around is supplemented by a continuous flow of newly created wealth as it is stripped from its creators. So you could say then that in the financial services marketplace there are generally more winners than losers, but this is only possible because those in the realm of the wealth creators are always 'losers'.

The purpose of this article is to highlight, not to offer a solution to the problem, it's merely intended to offer some solace to those unfortunate wealth creators who find themselves unemployed at this time.

I would however also say this to them, and to those wealth creators still in employment, just one unemployed wealth creator is worth a hundred people employed in the financial services sector.

To those wealth creators who are unemployed, be proud of your past achievements, take satisfaction in the knowledge that your efforts have been beneficial to society, that your inherent skills remain intact and will again one day be utilized by an ungrateful society in the continuance of real wealth creation. Society really needs you, your re-employment is paramount to society's proper functioning and more importantly your efforts are required in order to feed the financial services sector parasites whose voracious appetite for money continues to grow exponentially.


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