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Electricity in Turkey

Living in the countryside here in the south west of Turkey, circa 2013, is in my opinion as near to paradise as you can get.

But even paradise is not without its drawbacks. We may be in the 21st century but maintaining a constant electricity supply to a Turkish village in 2013 is still something of a challenge, for someone.

Almost on a daily basis the electricity supply to our disappears without warning. Trying to do business from a computer is, well, like a stone age mans club disappearing in the middle of defending himself. Not funny.

The electricity company have spent the last year replacing 3 Kms of poles and cabling from the main distribution point to the village and despite this the electricity supply has not changed. If it is windy, raining, sunny and hot or for no apparent reason at all, we still suffer from almost daily power cuts and a permanent brown-out [190 out of 220 volts].

Hopefully they will get their act together on of these bright sunny days.


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