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When countries go to war it is actually the rich and powerful going to war to protect their wealth and position, it's the rest of the population who suffer and die fighting for their so called 'country'.

To live or not to live,
that is the meaning of life.

Terrorism is not a cause, it's a symptom.
Fix the cause of the symptom and it will go away.

In a society of thieves there's a kind of balance,
your neighbor watches your TV while you watch his.

Definition of a conscientious objector:
Someone who would rather live under any regime,
than die for the incumbent one.

Without war there is no need for peace.

Anyone who takes life seriously has missed the point of living.

Enjoy your time of consciousness.
Observe in awe with natures incredible eyes,
it's all you can do.

The average person can expect to live for around 27,000 days,
they will die on only one of them.

Even if you reach the age of seventy five,
you will only have been conscious for around fifty years.

First there were rocks,

then there were microorganisms,

then there were plants,

then there were animals.

What comes next is entirely up to nature.


[Click HERE if you think I missed out human beings]

When a soldier dies for his country, there's no a cause for celebration.

A vegetarian is someone who would rather kill plants than kill animals.
The most pernicious miscreants in society are bankers, insurance arrangers and financial services advisors, all other social wrongdoers are angels by comparison.
There are good policemen and there are bad policemen,
but mostly there are bad policemen.
If you think you're unique, think again,
there are currently over six billion human beings.

Human beings may be living proof that nature doesn't always get it right.

A banker is someone who wallows in wealth but creates none.
Man is the work of nature, so it follows that all manmade art is also the work of nature.
I look in amazement at what nature creates through my hands.
Nature is a very sophisticated roulette wheel.


The 'Big Bang' was merely the rolling of a trillion, billion, billion dice; some have stopped, that is fate; many are still rolling, the route they take and where they srop is inevitable.
If you ever need to 'kill time' you might as well be dead.
Most people would rather think they're in good health than know they're not.

An army of thinking intellectuals is nothing until they do something.

It makes no difference which political party you vote for, the same power brokers will still be in control.
If you have been conned or conscripted into fighting for your country, know this, you are fighting for the financial security of an elite group, not for the people.
Designers are workers
Architects are workers
Farmers are workers
Waitresses are workers
Teachers are workers
Drivers are workers
Warehousemen are workers
Nurses are workers
Road sweepers are workers
Security guards are workers
Prostitutes are workers
Workers are workers
Bankers are parasites
I think, therefore I am able to think I think. [Catapultam possum putare puto]
Sleep is natures way of giving us a glimpse of death.
Once we were patriotic to our village,
Then we were patriotic to our county,
Then we became patriotic to our country,
One day we will be patriotic to our world.
The so-called BIG BANG was probably just a BIG EVENT; with no air there was no way any sound could have been propagated nor were there any ears in existence to hear it.
When death knocks on your door; not opening it is not an option.
Determinists perceive determination as an inevitability.
The definition of a banker and a beggar is much the same, the only difference is that a banker is just a very rich beggar.


Q. What is the difference between a banker and a beggar?
A. None, they're both beggars, one is just richer than the other.
Not until a woman climbs out of one will it become a 'person hole'.
Inflation is the cherry on the top of the taxation cake
one to ten seconds after my sub-conscious has already decided,
Banks are a necessary evil; they just don't need to be quite as evil as they are.
In the same way that water finds its own level so will you; no more, no less.
Your intelligence on the day you are born is exactly the same on the day you die, the only thing that changes is knowledge.
If you're a Higgs Boson, coagulation really matters.
The only real moment in life is now, the past is just a memory and the future is just a dream.
My gut feeling is that the essence of all life comes from a universe-wide, instantaneously connected quantum pool; to which it returns.
[And that in not a
belief nor has it anything to do with religion].
A philanthropist is a parasite saying I'm sorry.
Definition of a Christian hypocrite: A banker who goes to Church on Sunday.
Definition of a Moslem hypocrite: A banker.

With over seven billion people in existence the chance of anything I say here not having been said before is highly unlikely, so please accept my apologies if you already said it, or even thought it first...


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