Touchscreen - The Next Step

In our business we have seen a marked increase during the past year or so in the number of inquiries and bookings we receive from mobile devices.

Most mobile devices now use touchscreens and most websites are anything but mobile device friendly.

I have no doubt that the future is for touchscreen technology to take over from conventional methods of interacting with computers.

The release of Windows 8 in October 2012 also paves the way for touchscreen interaction to be implemented in all current and future software.

From October 2012, expect to see a plethora of touchscreen ultrabooks, netbooks and laptops running Windows 8.

In the light of these developments our company websites are now being progressively updated to be more touchscreen and mobile device friendly and we have set up a touchscreen index website that links to all our websites at: http://touch4turkey.coma.

This video shows cutting edge touchscreen technology.



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