Any of my sculpture pictures may be reproduced on the internet providing the following text is included either next to the picture or as an embedded comment visible on mouseover:
"Copyright is retained by" (no need to link back, but it would be appreciated)

My cartoons may not be reproduced in any format, however, they may be available for publication on the Internet free of charge. For permission just contact me using the comment box on the form on each cartoon page.

Any of my blogs may be reproduced on the Internet providing individual blogs are reproduced in full and the following text is included:
"Originally published on" (no need to link back, but it would be appreciated)

If you want to reproduce an extract from a blog please send me details using this form.

Third Party Pictures
As far as I am aware all third party pictures used on my website are in the public domain. If any picture included on my website is subject to copyright restrictions please let me know and it will be removed immediately.

All other copyright is reserved.




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