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This is a much bigger subject than I have time to spend on it right now. However a recent experience is worthy of a little of my time. I took a sequence of photos on 2014-05-02 over a period of 5 minutes which showed an increasing and decreasing number of transparent floating spheres. Nothing was visible at the time to the eye, yet the camera recorded what appeared to be a brief storm of 'whatever the effect was'.

Now, as I said I don't have much time, but I have come to the conclusion over the last year or so that the essence of life is a Universe wide instantly connected quantum phenomenon and that life in all its forms both animal, plant and whatever other form it takes in other parts of the Universe, receives a small portion of life essence which it keeps until the configuration of matter that provided the host can no longer support it and dies. The life essence then returns to the Universal 'quantum' pool.

It was on the basis of this conclusion that I lightheartedly called the spheres 'A Soul Storm',[Not in the religious sense, but 'Soul' does aptly describe what I referred to above as Life Essence]. Several days later I made a quick search on Google, only to find that there are many reports of such camera observations and that the generally accepted name for them is Spirit Orbs, not so far from my assessment.

Of course with all such theories there are plenty of skeptics, such as suggesting that the phenomenon is caused by dust. Strange though that there was no wind that evening.

2015 Update
Since writing the piece above I have come across many other references to 'Orbs' and in particular to their prevalence at ancient sites [Pyramids, Easter Island etc], that according to much corroborated research are located on some kind of Global geometric force-line grid. Interesting that our hotel is built very close to the site of an ancient Synagogue.

Anyway here are the completely 'un-photoshopped' pictures in time sequence.
What do you think?

Location Marina Go Hotel, Poyraz Sokak No:15, 48400 Bodrum, Turkey,
37°02-n  27°25-e 

Click on the thumbs for bigger picture [all open in new windows]

Time 20:55

Time: 20:56

Time 20:57                                                                              Time 20:58

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