Mediterranean girl.

Thighs bound in purposeful grey.

A secret place revealed.

Wild stallions from Sienna

abusing my citadel.

Two decades of brittle structures

melt into a warm sea.

My heart is turned again.

Embroidered Eastern girls,

innocently weave enormous landscapes.

Excited, frightened.

My vision evolves,

the scene fades, black to grey.


Natures sleeping girl,

dreaming another name.

In another place,

sorting a thousand thoughts.

Knowing her body now, quivering,


Gentle touch of currently willing flesh.


I am Nomad, still alone.

Exploring deep blue fields,

in another place, another time.

Ancient dark places violated,

abused by warm thoughts.

Knowing all things pass,

like the heartache in her eyes. 

A memory recalled,

another face immortalized.

My inner enemy emerges quietly,

like a vicious bird with sharp wings.

It will taint her soul,

her memory, our time.

I must protect her from this assassin.

I must let her go.

But not from my mind.


Cliff Fraser


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