Name Chess Board
Material Travertine
Block Scrap Pieces
Origin Bodrum, Turkey
Inception Date 2013 July

09 Chess Board

For some time now I have been meaning to buy a replica ancient Greek chess set I saw years ago in Kos, the Greek island close to Bodrum. I have now acquires the set minus a board.

I always planned to make a chess board using travertine marble with each square a cube separated from each other. The difference between the 'white' and 'black' squares is that the white are unpolished and the black are highly polished. The contrast works at some angles but unfortunately without reflected light the contrast is not quite enough. Not that contrasting squares are necessary for chess, since all the squares are used, the contrasting squares just make navigation around the board a little easier.

So, as soon as I can source some spirit based dye I will dye the non-polished cubes with a subtle shade that matches travertine, probably walnut wood dye [not available here in Bodrum, Turkey].



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