Name: Senegal Bowl
Material: Beige Marble
Block: Large River Pebble
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0
Dimensions [Cm]: H:00 W:00 L:00
Inception Date: 2007 September
02 Senegal Bowl

The Senegal Bowl is made from a large beige colored marble pebble. The bowl measures 45cm x 30cm so it was was one of the largest I've found so far.

Cutting the pebble in half to begin the hollowing out process was a task in itself requiring the purchase of a large cutting disc for my angle grinder and the making of a customized ring to adapt the center hole to fit my angle grinder. So large was the disc in fact that the safety guard had to be removed and starting the machine had to be done a bit at a time to allow the speed to build up. Once running at full speed the centrifugal force was frightening and a great deal of care had to be taken to have the disc in the right plane for cutting before starting the machine. I had several old towels wrapped around my waist in case the disc decided to part company with the machine at some point. A very dangerous procedure to say the least and not one I would want to do every day, but with a bit of extra care the job got done.

Even with the largest cutting disc available and working from all sides the cut was still not all the way through, the final separation of the two halves was achieved with wooden wedges. One half of the pebble became a simple bowl (bottom pictures), while the other half revealed the face of an African woman.


African Bowl - A marble sculpture by Cliff FraserAfrican Bowl - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

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This is the other half of the pebble which also gives a better indication of the actual color:
See also here.

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