Name: Karaova Icon
Material: Sandstone
Block: NA
Origin: Mumcular Reservoir, Bodrum
Weight [Kg]: 13.9
Dimensions [Cm]: H:32 W:18 L:11
Inception Date: 2008 September
14 Karaova Icon

My only piece to date that's not made from marble, also it's not really what I would call a sculpture. I found this piece of sandstone in the Mumcular reservoir near Bodrum, Turkey. The lack of rain during the period 2005-8 has seen the reservoir drop to very low levels revealing a viaduct and old pottery workshops and many interesting stone shapes.

Though almost rectangular in cross section, this stone was actually not part of any old building.

All I did was square off and polish the bottom and add the pseudo ancient script with a hand chisel and hammer. If I hadn't made a slight mistake the inscription would have translated literally character for character to the English word 'NATURE'.

Karaova [Black Valley] is the area in which the Mumcular reservoir is located. I have no idea why it is called 'black valley' since the valley is green year round, unlike most places in the Aegean region of Turkey which become scorched brown during the height of the summer season.


Icon - A marble sculpture by Cliff FraserIcon - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

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Ancient Mycenaean Script
Linear B [Early Greek]

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Mumcular Reservoir July 2008, Bodrum, Turkey Mumcular Reservoir July 2008, almost empty

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