Name: Sophie's Escape
Material: Grey Marble
Block: Various Pebbles
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0 [Total]
Dimensions [Cm]: H:00 W:00 L:00
Inception Date: 2011 July
Completion Date:  2013-07 in progress 
30 Sophie's Escape

This project has been in my mind for two years and it took two years to realize.

The original title was to have been 'Escape from the Wall', which evolved to 'Escape from the Asylum', then just 'Escape' and finally 'Sophie's Escape'.

Faces proved to be one of the most difficult things to create, I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the symmetry. I got there in the end, as usual the face just 'appeared' with little effort on my part. The hair was created from a few hand drawn squiggles. I just hollowed out the space between the lines which produced a stylized hair effect.

My original idea was to create four separate pieces which when attached to a wall would give the impression of a person climbing out of the wall; a head, two hands and a foot. As the piece [pieces?] developed I added additional pieces which I felt were necessary to emphasize the concept. The final piece is made up of a total of 7 pieces.

I remembered to take some progress photos this time.



2013 May

Slowly getting there

2013 July

Click on the images for a bigger picture

Still some final finishing to do but the piece is now physically completed August 2013.


Click on the images for a bigger picture

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