Name: Zyanya
Material: Grey/Black Marble
Block: Large River Pebble
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0
Dimensions [Cm]: H:00 W:00 L:00
Inception Date: 2012-August-25
31 Zyanya

Business commitments have severely curtailed my sculpting over the last year. I have some small incomplete pieces that are not yet cataloged.

At last, as the tourist season reaches it's peak here in Turkey my involvement in our business is reducing. I have really missed my sessions in my studio, and Zyanya is my first large piece for almost a year. Made from a large river pebble, most of the head is the original pebble, only the facial features have been revealed.

My previous piece 'Sophie's Escape' is not completed, but I have been waiting for inspiration, which Zyanya may have provided.

Zyanya is an Aztec name meaning 'always; forever'.

This piece is dedicated to Mia, in memory of a lively kitten that came into our lives just a year ago and died on 26-August-2011. Her life essence has returned to the quantum pool all life essence comes from.

There are no progress pictures for this piece, it just two 3-hour studio sessions to complete and I completely forgot about taking pictures.


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