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Is it Natural? Is it Organic?

There is absolutely nothing on this planet, any other planet or in any star in any galaxy for that matter that is not natural. Every atom in the universe is natural, whatever state it’s in.

The word organic means everything that is not in-organic.

Unfortunately the modern usage of the word organic, especially in relation to food production, has been corrupted to mean something else entirely. So called ‘organic’ food represents just 2% of total food production the implication being that 98% of all food that is now produced is somehow in-organic.

But then, if there is no such thing as un-natural, how is it possible to claim that something is ‘organically’ grown or not? Everything that is grown is organic.

Since it appears to be necessary to be able to differentiate between various food growing and processing methods then new more descriptive words should have been introduced to describe each food growing and production process.

Instead we have a confusing situation where the implication is that anything that is not organic is not necessarily inorganic and vice versa.

It should not be necessary to state that food is organic, we are organic beings and to live we must eat organic matter.

All food is organic, if it's grown in a certain way and consumers have legal right to know that, then it is simply only necessary to put that on the product label.

For example under a heading ‘Production History’ any of the following examples would be added, as appropriate:

  • Chemically ripened.
  • Irradiated (process description).
  • Genetically modified (description if necessary).
  • Contains chemical additives (listed).
  • Contains antibiotics (listed).
  • Contains food additives (listed).
  • Contains artificial colorings (listed).
  • Grown using chemical pesticides (listed).
  • Naturally fertilized (type, animal or human excrement).
  • Grown using sewage sludge.
  • Etc.

Regulations relating to so called ‘organic’ foods have become so complicated in some countries that the small growers and farmers who spawned the ‘organic’ movement are now unable to cope with the bureaucracy and certification costs involved in bringing their produce to the marketplace.

I would say this to them, continue to supply your local marketplace and simply label your products as 'NOT INORGANIC'.



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