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The Lottery of Life

I am sure that everyone at some time in their life has wished they could win the lottery, has wished that lady luck would visit them just once in their lifetime.

Well I have good news for you, you've already won the biggest jackpot of them all, first prize in the Lottery of Life. Here you are, you have life, you exist, you think, you see and do all the things a pile of atoms that has achieved sentience can do.

Congratulations, you are a lucky winner.

When your mother and father decided [or otherwise], to fertilize one out of the 450 or so in your mothers pool of potential human beings and to discard the rest [siblings excluded] [and I'm casting no aspersions here], it was you that won.

Odds of 450:1, not bad odds at first glance. But, what about your mothers chance of being the lucky one to gain life, they were also 450:1, and her mother, and her mother and so on. And these geometrically increasing odds are based solely on the number of ovum available. Some would argue that the odds are increased dramatically if you factor in the number of spermatowrigglythings released in a budding fathers single ejaculation, [not to mention the number ejaculated in a lifetime].

So in fact after countless generations that have come and gone since the dawn of mankind the chance of you coming into existence from the one egg and one sperm that just happened to be in the right place at the right time are very, very, very remote indeed.

So be grateful, appreciate the life you have, rejoice in the fact that you've won the biggest lottery of them all and make every day count.

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