Name Ancient Chinese Tablet [rough copy]
Material Black Slate
Block Crazy Paving Piece
Origin Bodrum, Turkey
Inception Date 2009 August

08 Ancient Chinese Tablet

I have included this artifact in 'Items', though as with all the pieces in this section the creation process is exactly the same as for a sculpture. I am beginning to wonder where to draw the line, or if indeed a line should be drawn between what I consider to be a sculpture or an item.

Since I took up this endeavor [sculpting] I've become much more aware of the rocks I see as I travel. I'm always looking at the roadside and on the beach to fine likely candidates for exploration [rocks].

The rock from which Ancient Chinese Tablet is made is a piece of 'crazy paving' left over form some garden landscaping, The striated nature of the rock, its color and texture lead me to deduce that it's some form of slate.

This is a copy of a very ancient tablet found in China.

Slate Tablet - Chinese [copy] - An item by Cliff FraserSlate Tablet - Chinese [back] - An item by Cliff Fraser< back of tablet

The slate tablet as pictured above is as far nature intended to go using me, the picture below shows the amendment made by nature subsequent to my involvement. A brief bout of stormy weather, unusual during September in this part of Turkey, resulted in the wind causing it to fall from a shelf. The modification does add a touch of 'aged realism'through some drastic distressing.

Slate Tablet - Chinese [copy-modified] - An item by Cliff Fraser< natures subsequent modification

This is an image of the original tablet that I copied from:

Slate Tablet - Chinese [original]< apologies if this image is copyright, will be removed on request

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