Name: Maximus
Material: Light Brown Marble
Block: Large River Pebble
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0
Dimensions [Cm]: H:00 W:00 L:00
Inception Date: 2007 October
04 Maximus

Of course Gluteus Maximus.

Just an experiment in form, curves in every direction, its no wonder that sculptors since the beginning of time have found inspiration from the female form.

I needed a big pebble for this, and even so the largest I could find was not really big enough. So to keep the piece to the largest size possible [actual size of the model], some areas of the original pebble surface are below the surface level of the final piece. I felt this did not detract from the visual appeal of the finished work.

This is a 'touching' piece, almost everyone who sees it 'touches' it, and why not? 

Some say it feels quite realistic


There are no progress pictures for this piece


Maximus - A marble sculpture by Cliff FraserMaximus - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

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