Name: Mozambique Man
Material: Dark Grey Marble
Block: River Pebble
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0 Kilograms
Dimensions [Cm]: H:22 W:15 L:18
Inception Date: 2008 March
07 Mozambique Man

Mozambique Man should have been Mozambique Woman, but what appears is not always what I planned. Despite several attempts to 'feminize' the features, what appeared was Mozambique Man. Like the forces of nature determine the facial characteristics of every human being so nature did it again through me, another face to add to the billions already created.

The Sculpting process is for me an almost a trance like state, I don't have to think what I am doing, I don't decide the amount of marble to remove or the direction of the cut, it all just happens. Curves transition into each other naturally in three dimensions.

Many long hours grinding away (literally), with my trusty angle grinder give me more than enough time to think. So one day, after many hours of deep thought I decided to retire the word 'belief' since it implies a lack of proof.

So without the word belief I now have to start re-thinking my whole outlook on the world. My first consideration is perhaps one of the oldest questions, 'what is the meaning of life'. Well, since this planet was once just a ball of molten rock and it is now, several billion years later that same ball of rock, just somewhat cooler, and apart from a few meteorites and other space debris, what is here today is what was here when it was in its molten state.

It follows then that all life on planet Earth evolved from that molten ball of rock. Given a very specific set of circumstances including time, heat, light, density, gravity, chemical composition etc etc, life evolves, it's what rock does by default providing the circumstances and conditions are exactly right.

As for the meaning of life, why does there have to be any meaning? Not only is life an inevitable stage in the evolution of matter under very specific circumstances, it's also inevitable that one day the rock will not only admire itself with incredible eyes, it will end up talking to itself.

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Mozambique Man - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser Mozambique Man - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

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