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Life Essence Orbs or What?

Unnatural What An Absurd Word

We've Acquired a New Hotel
During our 18 years in the travel agency business my wife and I have always had a distant dream about adding a small hotel to our tourism business. In October 2013 the dream became a reality with the acquisition of a run-down [but relatively new] apartment complex in Bodrum. MORE 

We sold the hotel in October 2015, Why?
Watch this space..

World Unrest
I was talking about this five years ago, my conclusions then were that there is little to nothing we can do about the insidious takeover of the world by the bankers, but it seems that my prediction that there would in the future be some kind of revolution, is playing out. There is a growing awareness around the world fueled by the ease of information exchange provided by the Internet that may actually result in some action.

War, Conquest, Famine, Death..
This video, published on YouTube in September 2014 confirms pretty much everything I was writing about here over five years ago!

You've heard about the Arab Spring, but a World Spring may soon be a reality.

We The People [Again?]

Post The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery
Only bet in a casino what you can afford to lose.
Only put in a bank what you can afford to lose.

Walk into a store and steal a few dollars from the cash register and you will likely end up in jail or murdered by the police.
Set up a bank and steal billions of dollars from your depositors and you will have the blessing of Government. Absurd or what?
Return on deposits in banks is currently very low, much lower than the potential loss if your bank decides to arbitrarily steal money from your account. Action: Take your money out of the bank and put it under your bed, it will be much safer there and the maximum amount you will lose only depends on inflation [the other form of Government theft].
Buy Bit-Coins More info here [This must really have the banksters, their politician lackeys and the cozy top civil servants really worried]

The 'Revolution' I never thought I would see in my lifetime:
The unstoppable BITCOIN?


"Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he's just using his memory".
Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519 [67 years]

"Human beings are conscious of their own desires, but are ignorant of the causes whereby those desires have been determined".
Baruch Spinoza 1632-1677 [45 years]

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office"
Aesop 620-564 BCE [44 years]

My Quotes...
- "When so-called 'Artificial Intelligence' becomes a reality it will no longer be artificial."

- "The most pernicious miscreants in society are bankers, insurance arrangers and financial services advisors, all other social wrongdoers are Angels by comparison."

- "A philanthropist is a parasite saying 'I'm sorry' after the damage has already been done"

- "I think, therefore I am able to think I think. [Catapultam possum putare puto]."

- "Determinists perceive determination as an inevitability."

- "In the same way that water finds its own level so will you; no more, no less."

- "If you're a Higgs Boson, coagulation really matters [pun intended]" [2012-07-09].

- "The only real moment in life is now, the past is just memories and the future is just dreams."

- "It may be that the 'life essence' for each life form comes from an all pervading, universe wide, instantaneously connected quantum pool; to which it returns taking back a quanta of knowledge." Life forms include all matter that has 'life'; plants, animals, insects, human beings etc.
A movie no one dares make HERE
This video pre-dated the 2008 to.. [still with us as of 2016], banker/politician lackey induced, economic-crisis/recession/depression, by over 10 years: Click HERE for the video.
The sad thing is, the 'writing is still on the wall', and very few seem to be doing anything about it.
Definition of a Christian hypocrite: A banker who goes to church on Sunday.
Definition of a Moslem hypocrite: A banker.

What is the difference between a banker and a beggar? [answer]

My Sculptures

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Human beings being human
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The Marmaris, Turkey, Traffic Light Trap
This is really, really dangerous and unbelievable in 21st century Tukey...

There are three types of people in the world:

  1. Those who create wealth. [Make things]

  2. Those who help those who create wealth to create wealth. [Designers, distributors, sellers et al]

  3. Those who create no wealth. [Bankers, financial advisors, insurance companies et al]

Which one are you?

Street Protests in Greece
Don't blame the Greek people for the protests taking place in Greece, they were duped by the Greek Government, who in turn were duped by the Banksters. It's what Banks do. Notice that almost all the petrol bombs being thrown in protest target bank buildings; I wonder why?

The American Dream
Over one in every one hundred people in the USA are in jail.
If you include those on probation or on parole the ratio becomes a staggering one in thirty two.
Now that's some dream.
Perhaps it's time for ICANN to issue a new top level domain suffix: .con

ONLINE PRIVACY [This is becoming a significant issue]
Due to blatant privacy abuse issues I have closed all my facebook accounts, just contact me here.

Since closing my Facebook accounts the Government spying revelations by Edward Snowden have come to light, reinforcing my decision. I am now in the process of closing all so-called 'social media' accounts [did I really want to know what Tracy had for breakfast anyway?]. Not that I have anything to hide, but everyone has a human right to their privacy. If you want a more private Internet browsing experience checkout STARTPAGE. [The only problem with StartPage is that it's so secure you can't currently block ads with AdBlock, but that's a small price to pay for privacy]. Also, Skype, Google Chat and most, if not all other social network providers, give information to Governments, so if you also want to chat in privacy, DOWNLOAD TOR-CHAT. StartPage are also currently working on an encrypted email service.
If you find anything on my website even mildly entertaining and want to make a donation, however small, send it to my BITCOIN account here: 16VhZcqkk2yf3bMYRidvNQsxoQn8HrvUS7 - Don't have a BITCOIN account? Don't know what BITCOIN is? THEN CHECK THIS OUT



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